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US Evergreen Medspa US Evergreen Medical Beauty Center We have a number of medical beauty experts with rich clinical experience and stylish aesthetics to provide you with one-on-one face-to-face consultation services. We provide you with the highest level of injection filling technology and skin beauty treatment, To ensure the best medical aesthetic results and customer satisfaction!

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Dr.Jiang graduated from Wuhan University School of Medicine with a major in clinical medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (advanced study at Columbia University School of Medicine), New York Orthopedic Hospital (exchange study at New York Plastic Surgery Hospital), member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Chinese physician Senior member of the Aesthetic and Plastic Physician Branch of the Association, deputy secretary-general of the China Plastic Surgery Alliance, assistant to the head teacher of the senior management president of Peking University Medical Aesthetics (EMBA)。

Dr. Jiang has worked in the Plastic Surgery Department of Beijing Second Artillery General Hospital and the Plastic Surgery Department of Beijing Armed Police General Hospital. Invited by Korea Seoul BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery Hospital, Korea SKY Plastic Surgery Hospital, Korea ID Plastic Surgery Hospital and many other Korean Plastic Surgery Hospitals to serve as a special plastic surgeon.

Dr. Jiang is good at micro-plastic injection beauty and personalized image design, proficient in various laser beauty instruments, has unique aesthetic psychology and rich medical knowledge of plastic surgery, and is an exclusive plastic tutor for many well-known model agencies and artist agencies in China. Has carried out overall image design and operation of medical beauty projects for many models, entertainers and celebrities in China.

Dr.jiang is good at projects: face and neck lifting needles, filling neck lines, nose augmentation injections, chin augmentation injections, apple muscle filling injections, forehead augmentation injections, eyebrow arch injections, temple augmentation injections, cheek augmentation injections, lip augmentation injections, Injection to fill tear trough, injection to dissolve fat, etc.


Dr.Wong Dr. Huang graduated from the State University of New York Downtown Medical Center and the Dominican College of Medicine in the United States with a doctorate in clinical medicine. He has worked in institutions such as Menlan Medical Center and has nearly 10 years of clinical experience. The current American Evergreen Medical Beauty GroupMedical Specialist。

Dr. Wong is good at laser skin cosmetology and injection cosmetology, as well as emergency treatment during surgery and nursing guidance for postoperative recovery period. As a professional aesthetic clinic, our top priority is to ensure beauty seekers receive good service in a safe and professional environment.

The practice philosophy of our doctors is to provide you with safe, professional, efficient and cutting-edge medical aesthetic services.


Dr.Lao在加拿大温哥华就读高中时以全校第一名毕业后进入美国约翰霍普金斯大学就读。取得生物医学工程及资讯工程之双主修学士学位后再于约翰霍普金斯大学医学院取得医学博士学位。在美国接受完整的整形外科专科训练,尤其专精脸部及身体各部份的美容整形手术。 更因为他对东西方文化的深入理解及针对个人需求的手术推荐,使其在台湾和美国纽约曼哈顿受到不同族群病人的爱戴。

Dr.Lao是美国美容整形外科医学会会员、美国整形外科医师协会会员和国际美容整形外科医学会会员。他也是亚洲乳房整形外科医学会的创始成员。 曾荣获无数奖项和时常被邀请在各大美容医学会演讲,也曾在许多著名医学期刊发表多篇关于美容整形外科、重建外科和口腔癌等主题的文章。



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